Frequently Asked Questions


1. One of the prerequisites for admission onto the Czech Studies programme is a certificate of secondary education. Can I submit a university or college degree instead?

Yes, a university or college degree can be used instead of a certificate of secondary education.

2. Can I study on the programme even though I’m not 18 yet?

Yes, that is possible. If you are under 18 your legal guardian must fill out section V on the admission form.

3. How long does the visa application process take?

Generally we recommend applying for your visa 3-4 months before the beginning of the programme, so it is best to submit your application 4-5 months before the programme begins. The exact length of the process depends on which country you apply in. More information can be found in the visa section.


1.How can I pay the registration deposit of 4 000 CZK when submitting my application (or tuition fees)?

Both can be paid in person at the Cash desk (Room 123, FF UK main building, náměstí Jana Palacha 2, Prague 1), online (information available from the course administrator) or by bank transfer.

2. When must the tuition fees be paid?

The payment must have arrived in the FF UK account no later than your registration day for the programme.

3. I’ve signed myself up for the programme for the full academic year. Should I pay the full fees for the entire academic year (65 000 CZK)? If I only pay for the first semester, will I get Unified confirmation of enrolment in education for one semester only?

You can pay for the first semester (35 000 CZK) of study initially, and then pay for the second semester (30 000 CZK) before it begins. If you study for one semester you will pay the sum of 35 000 CZK only.

You will receive Unified confirmation of enrolment in education for the entire academic year even if you only pay for the first semester.


1. I won’t be in the Czech Republic by registration day – is it possible to register later?

Yes, you may register at a later date (you can start on the Czech Studies programme up to three weeks after its commencement). Please inform the programme administrator that you will be arriving late. In individual cases may students (mostly intermediate or native Slavic speakers) join the programme even later, but always after the consultation with the academic coordinator of the programme.

2. Must I take the placement test even if I’m a complete beginner?

Yes, the entrance exam consists of a written test and an oral examination with a teacher. If you’ve never studied the Czech language you won’t take the written exam, but will go straight to your teacher, who will ask you in English about your native language, about what other foreign languages you can speak, and what your motivation and plans for the future are.

3. Are the costs of textbooks included in the tuition fees?

Yes, teaching materials are included in the price

4. Is it possible to get any sort of scholarship for the Czech studies programme?

We do not provide any scholarships for the Czech Studies programme. If you are interested in scholarship opportunities you should look for further information yourself (e.g. in your own country, or at various institutions)


1. If I study on the programme for 1 year, will this be sufficient for me to be accepted into university (for a Bachelor’s or Master’s degree in the Czech language)?

There is no single answer to this – it depends on individual students (their current knowledge of Czech, their mother tongue, how they intend to study and so on).

Ideally, the student will completely master one level of language competency each semester.

The aim of the programme is not just to prepare students to pass entrance exams, but also to prepare them to be successful in higher education in the Czech Republic. Faster progression is possible, but it cannot be guaranteed.

2. I studied on the programme in the summer semester and I would like to continue my studies in the winter semester of the next academic year. What’s the situation regarding visas during the summer holidays?

The academic year ends in June and the next one starts in September. You must apply for the relevant visa in time (14-90 days before the expiration of your previous one) and provide all the required documents (Unified confirmation of enrolment in education, accommodation contract if applicable). The appropriate Czech authorities will assess each application individually


1. I would like to live in the Charles University student accommodation. How should I do this?

Fill in section IV on your application form. The programme administrator will ensure that there is a reservation at the student accommodation for you and will provide you with an accommodation contract and some basic instructions.

After this, you should communicate directly with the dormitory where you are staying, i.e. you must deal with all matters pertaining to changes in accommodation, late arrival and cancellation of reservations yourself.

2. Where should I submit the 1 800 CZK deposit to confirm my accommodation reservation?

The deposit is paid to the Dormitory and Canteens account, not to the Faculty of Arts account. You will receive more information on payment along with with the accommodation contract.

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