About the in-class evening course

Basic information


2023/24 Academic year

Summer semester: 6. 2. – 30. 5. 2024 (placement interview: 6. 2. 2024, applications: 1. 12. 2023 – 31. 1. 2024)



Summer semester: Tue + Thu 5:30 p.m. – 7 p.m.  – (2 THs 45 minutes twice a week)

Course location

In classrooms of the Faculty of Arts, Charles University in the center of Prague: Na Příkopě 584/29, Prague 1


registration fee: CZK 1.000 CZK (payment with the application form)

course fee: CZK 9.900 (15 weeks = 70 VH: payment until February 6, 2024 for the Summer semester)

we offer a 1.000 CZK discount from a course fee to Charles University employees and students


Language level

low intermediate (A2)

Student groups

A minimum of 6 and maximum of 12 students in a group (separation into groups is based on a placement test and an interview)

Number of teaching hours (TH)

70 THs per semester, 1 TH = 45 minutes

The course fee includes:

  • 70 THs of instruction
    • including a lecture and an online workshop on how to use Czech National Corpus in Czech language studies https://www.korpus.cz/ and phonetic workshops;
  • Preparation for the Czech Language Certificate Exams (CCE – levels A2, B1 and B2)
  • Study materials/Moodle application access;
  • Access to the most excessive phonetic application ProCzeFor during the course;
  • Access to University libraries;
  • Option of consultation with teachers;
  • Final exam;
  • Charles University Course certificate.

Organizational and GDPR terms and conditions

For the Summer semester 2023/24 download here


The course begins at the exact time set out in the schedule. If a student is more than 15 minutes late, it is considered an absence for the specific class.

In the event of an absence, the student must excuse themselves no later than by the beginning of the lesson, otherwise it is considered an unexcused absence. The student always announces an absence to their instructor. In the event of an absence of more than three teaching days, the student announces the absence to the programme administrator.

If attendance in the course is lower than 70% of the hourly composition of the course, the student will not be evaluated for this course and will receive the mark N (unclassified) on the certificate.

Short-term absence (1 to 2 teaching days) -> Announce absence to your instructor
Long-term absence (over 3 teaching days) -> Announce abscence to programme administrator

Certificate and Certificate Exam

At the end of each semester, students obtain a certificate with the marks from the subjects that they studied.
Structure of evaluation:

Excellent Very good Good Insufficient Unclassified
A  A-  B  B-  C  D  N 
90 %
89 %
79 %
69 %
59 %
<50 %
absence >30 % 

The student may also register for the Czech Language Certificate Exam (ALTE), levels A2, B1 and B2.

Late entry into the programme:

You can join the semester no later than by the end of February. If the delay is any longer than this you will not be able to participate in the courses. You have to inform the programme administrator about your delay.

In individual cases may students (mostly intermediate or native Slavic speakers) join the programme even later, but always after the consultation with the academic coordinator of the programme.

Framework study plans

Study plans for the Czech Studies programme are divided into two basic modules so that students acquire and develop language competence and communication skills according to their level of knowledge of the Czech language (from complete beginner to very advanced). The schedules for the modules and syllabi are adapted during the semesters in order to meet the needs of our students.

Module for beginning and elementary students – A1 and A2  according to the CEFR

This module is intended for beginning and elementary students. The basis of instruction is a language course of grammar and conversation. Students also take other lessons geared especially to training pronunciation and acquiring basic knowledge of Czech spelling. In groups of beginners, lessons may be taught partially in English. The schedule is governed by the following study plan:

Course name Number of lessons per week
Language courses for beginners (grammar and conversation) 4

The aim of the module is to acquire the following:

  • A basic knowledge of grammar
  • The ability to communicate successfully in normal everyday situations
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