What you will learn in the programme

We’ll teach you all the speaking skills that you will need for your life and studies. You won’t just learn grammar, you’ll also develop your oral and written skills, read both educational and standard texts, and you’ll extend your understanding of the written and spoken language.
We’ll teach you how to express yourself properly in various everyday situations and we’ll show you how to develop your vocabulary most effectively.
You’ll learn how to write in a wide variety of styles and genres. You can use this both in your daily life and when you need to be in contact with the Czech authorities or other institutions, or when entering or studying at Czech universities.
We put a great deal of emphasis on correct pronunciation. We offer all students the option of individual phonetic consultations. We work with experienced phoneticists who prepare materials and recordings for our students to practice with.
The courses are not just theoretical – we also go to theatres, on historical trips and excursions, and we are in touch with Czech students. We’ll deepen your knowledge of Czech culture, literature and history, and of life in the Czech Republic.


We’ll prepare you for study at university and for life in the Czech Republic. Courses for advanced students don’t just consist of language teaching; you’ll also enrol for mandatory subject options, depending on your own specific interests. The selection is wide and everyone must choose something! We have seminars for future students of the humanities and social sciences, while we’ll teach students interested in other areas exactly what they need most for their studies. Students who don’t plan to continue their studies will acquire the practical skills and knowledge necessary for their personal life and work.


With us you’ll receive the very highest standard of Czech language teaching!

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