Mandatory part in online synchronous learning mode and completion of assignment in asynchronous learning mode during the term.
The course begins at the exact time set out in the schedule. If a student is more than 15 minutes late, it is considered an absence for the specific class.
In the event of an absence, the student must excuse themselves no later than by the beginning of the synchronous lesson, otherwise it is considered an unexcused absence. The student always announces an absence to their instructor. In the event of an absence of more than three days, the student announces the absence to the programme administrator.
If attendance in the course is lower than 70% of the hourly composition of the course, the student will not be evaluated for this course and will receive the mark N (unclassified) on the certificate. If a student is unclassified in one of more courses, they may continue their studies only with the consent of the academic coordinator of the programme.
If a student receives four unexcused absences in the synchronous learning mode (one absence = 90 minutes), the student is expelled from the programme without any entitlement to compensation of the course fee.

4 and more unexcused absences -> Expelled from the programme
Excused absences > 30% -> Unclassified (N) in the specific course
Excused absences > 50% -> Unclassified (N) in all courses


Short-term absence (1 to 2 days) -> Announce absence to your instructor
Long-term absence (over 3 days) -> Announce abscence to programme administrator


Late entry into the programme:

You can join the semester no later than four weeks after the official start of the programme after taking a placement test and interview and if there are vacancies in the course.