Applicants for the Czech Studies in-class course may ask for assistance with the arrangement of the accommodation in the dorm. Should you be interested, please fill in the relevant fields in your application form (including the exact dates).


The pricelist for accommodation in 2024/25 academic year is available here. Detailed information about dorms is available here. Once your reservation is processed by the CU Dormitories and Refectories, you will receive an email with a personalized link for the online payment. In case you need to change your reservation dates, you can reach out to the reservations office.

Payment instructions for 2023/24 academic year are available here and here. The reservation is subject to a 2,100 CZK deposit plus a first monthly rent, which is 3,800 CZK, i.e. the total amount will be 5,900 CZK. The payment is due by the 30th of April 2023/31st of August 2023.

The pricelist for 2022/23 academic year is available here.

Please note that based on the information provided by the Dormitories and Refectories of the Charles University, unfortunately most special requests will likely NOT be granted for capacity reasons. There are not many single rooms available and those are primarily assigned to PhD and master degree programme students. Should any suitable options be vacated, it is possible to request moving to another room on site, or cover the fee for the second bed and inhabit the room alone (dorm Vltava).

Processing your reservation typically takes approximately 5 working days. The Dormitories and Refectories of the Charles University prepare the dorm agreement in 3 originals (2 copies in Czech, 1 in English). Please note: the dorm agreement only becomes valid after all parties provide their signature! One Czech original needs to be brought to the Dormitories and Refectories of the Charles University upon arrival.

Please note that the reservation fee needs to be covered by the deadline (before you submit your visa application), or the reservation will be cancelled (please see the Dorms and Refectories website for details).

Please note that the Dormitories and Refectories CU are an entirely separate entity within the University from the Institute of Czech Studies. Therefore your dormitory contract is in no way tied to your application (apart from making you eligible for student prices) and in conclusion should be treated like any other accommodation (in a hotel or a hostel).
While your reservation fee may be due before your visa is processed (April 30/August 31 in Winter 23/24, August 31 in Winter 22/23, December 31 in Summer 22/23), most of your deposit is refundable in case you do not obtain a visa (=force majeure) and cannot arrive (in Winter 22/23, 500 CZK is the non-refundable part). Naturally, this only applies if you notify the dormitories regarding any changes to your reservation IN ADVANCE).

If you already have a reservation and an agreement and covered the reservation fee, and would like to make changes to your reservation (eg. arrive a day early, request a single room), we recommend to contact your dormitory directly during their office hours.


Before entering the Czech Republic, read through the Dormitories and Refectories’ guide on quarantine measures. Before you arrive to your dorm, read here. Measures taken to prevent the spread of the pandemic at the dorms are available here.

It is best to plan your arrival during a work week. Check-in needs to be processed by the Accommodation office during their office hours.


All students accommodated at the dormitories can reach out to Housing Assistants available at the dormitories (email, Facebook, WhatsApp). They can show you around, interpret, provide support. More details available here.

Contacts to the accommodation offices are available here.

Defects at the dormitories should be reported based on instructions here.


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