In-class semestral course

Basic information



  • Winter semester: September – January
  • Summer semester: February – June

You can join the course eihter in September or in February.


Every day from 9 a.m. to 12:10 p.m. (sample schedule)

Course location

In classrooms of the Faculty of Arts, Charles University in the center of Prague

  • Na Příkopě 584/29, Prague 1
  • Celetná 20, Prague 1
  • nám. Jana Palacha 2, Prague 1


  • 4000 CZK: non-refundable registration fee (paid with the application form)
  • 35 000 CZK: course fee for first semester (paid due to first day of the programme)
  • 30 000 CZK: course fee for next semester(s) (paid due to first day of the programme)

Language levels

Beginners (A1), low intermediate (A2), intermediate (B1); beginner level is opened every semester

Student groups

A maximum of 15 students in a group (separation into groups is based on a placement test and an interview with a teacher)

Number of teaching hours (TH):

240 THs per semester, 1 TH = 45 minutes

The course fee includes:

  • 240 THs of instruction
  • Czech Language Certificate Exams (CCE), levels A2, B1 and B2 + preparation for them (
  • Optional courses (phonetics = pronunciation, Czech films, Czech culture …)
  • Basic textbooks and supplementary study materials
  • Individual consultation with teachers
  • An introductory orientation week (registration, library tour, issuing of faculty ID card, access to university WIFI, introductory language course and phonetics lecture)
  • Cultural events (whole day trip within Czech Republic, guided tours in Czech and in English, visits of museums, theatres
  • Course certificates
  • A ceremony at the end of the semester together with the issuing of graduation certificates; an end of semester party


Attendance of the lessons is mandatory!
Classes begin at the time written on the schedule, please always arrive on time. Anyone arriving later than 15 minutes after the class starts will be considered absent.
In the event of an absence, the student must excuse themselves no later than by the beginning of the lesson, otherwise it is considered an unexcused absence. The student always announces an absence to their instructor. In the event of an absence of more than three days the student announces the absence to the programme administrator
If attendance in the course is lower than 70 % of the hourly composition of the course, the student will not be evaluated for this course and receive the mark N (unclassified) on the certificate. If a student is unclassified in one or more courses, they may continue their studies only with the consent of the academic coordinator of the programme.
If a student receives four unexcused absences (one absence = 90 minutes), the student is expelled from the programme without any entitlement to compensation of the course fee.

4 and more unexcused absences -> Expelled from the programme
Excused absences > 30% -> Unclassified (N) in the specific course
Excused absences > 50% -> Unclassified (N) in all courses
Short-term absence (1 to 2 days) -> Announce absence to your instructor
Long-term absence (over 3 days) -> Announce abscence to programme administrator


Certificate and Certificate Exam

At the end of each semester, students obtain a certificate with the marks from the subjects that they studied.
Structure of evaluation:

Excellent Very good Good Insufficient Unclassified
A  A-  B  B-  C  D  N 
90 %
89 %
79 %
69 %
59 %
<50 %
absence >30 % 

The student may also register for the Czech Language Certificate Exam (ALTE), levels A2, B1 and B2.

Late entry into the programme

The maximum possible delay is three weeks from the official commencement of the programme, i.e. from registration day. If the delay is any longer than this you will not be able to participate in the courses.
In individual cases may students (mostly intermediate or native Slavic speakers) join the programme even later, but always after the consultation with the academic coordinator of the programme.

Framework study plans

Study plans for the Czech Studies programme are divided into two basic modules so that students can acquire and develop their language and verbal skills depending on their level of knowledge of Czech (from complete beginners to the very advanced). Timetables for the individual modules and syllabuses are adjusted each semester to fully meet the needs of our students.

A) Module for beginners and elementary students – levels A1 and A2 in the CEFR.

This module is intended for beginners and elementary students. Tuition is structured around a language course in grammar and conversation, and students will also attend other subjects, where great emphasis is placed on practising correct pronunciation and acquiring a basic knowledge of Czech spelling. For beginners’ groups these subjects may be taught partially in English. It normally takes two semesters to reach the levels specified. The timetable follows the following study plan:

Course name

Number of lessons per semester

Language courses for beginners (grammar and conversation) 120 
Listening and pronunciation 24 
Reading and conversation 48 
Oral and written expression 24 
Vocabulary development 24 
  Total: 240 per semester

The aim of the module is to acquire:
• A vocabulary of 2200-2800 Czech words
• A basic knowledge of grammar (morphology and syntax) and word formation
• A basic overview of Czech history, literature and culture
• The ability to communicate successfully in normal, everyday circumstances

B) Module for intermediate and upper intermediate – levels B1 to B2 in the CEFR

This module is intended for intermediate and upper intermediate students and all teaching will be done exclusively in Czech. The module allows students to develop their previous knowledge more fully. Teaching is divided into courses according to individual linguistic disciplines (morphology, syntax, lexicology, oral and written expression, reading, etc.). Students also have mandatory electives; according to their future specialisation they can choose a preparatory course for humanities and social sciences (Czech culture) or the more general seminars on academic Czech (Czech for study purposes). The remaining students will acquire the practical knowledge and skills necessary in their daily lives and work (Czech for life). It normally takes two semesters to reach the levels specified. The timetable follows the following study plan:

Course name Number of lessons per week
Joint foundation: 6
Basics of Czech morphology and syntax 4
Communication and grammatical exercises 2
Listening and reading 2
Oral and written expression 2
Conversation and vocabulary development 2
Czech culture 2
Overview of Czech history 2
Reading of authentic texts 2
Total: 20 per week
Czech culture (literature, movies, cultural studies) 2
Czech for life (creative writing, Czech at home and at work) 2
Czech for study purposes (academic writing, presentation skills) 2

The aim of the module is to acquire:
• Vocabulary of 2800–4000 Czech words
• A very good knowledge of Czech history, literature and culture and the ability to use Czech to study at university
• The ability to communicate successfully in a variety of situations – in the family, at school or at work

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