Information concerning visas


Applicants for the Czech Studies Program apply for a long-term visa with a purpose of stay „Others“, specification „Education“: link. It is not possible to apply for a study visa for this course.

Please, apply for a visa in time! The “other” purpose visa processing may take 60-120 days (counting from the date when submitting the complete application at the Czech Embassy).

Upon submission of all application materials and the non-refundable registration fee payment, the applicants will obtain official Letter of Acceptance and dorm agreement (if applicable). Should they require Confirmation of an entity, all applicants will be required to send a signed scan of the Affidavit.

The original documents can be obtained in person (or by a trusted person with the power of attorney), or via regular postal services. Please note that the delivery via regular postal service may take up to couple of weeks. To speed up the delivery – the applicants have an option to provide the Czech Studies programme administrators with a DHL/Fedex voucher (at their own expense). Subsequently, they will be provided with an address and time slots for a delivery pick up.

Please note that Czech Post does not offer/limits their services in certain countries, sometimes only temporarily (please see the details on their website here and here). In case your country of residence is on the list, you will need to find an alternative delivery option on your own expenses.

General information about long-term visa:

Information in English: Ministry of Interior, link

How to fill in the visa application (purpose: others, specification: education) – instructions: link

Information about prolonging the long term visa (purpose of stay „Others“):

Information in English:link

Dormitory reservation extension should be requested by the student at the dormitories accommodation office. Reservation  fee will be requested.

Information where to submit your visa application: 

Information in English: link

Your visa application tracking: