How students see the Czech Studies programme

1. Semester courses

  • I learnt a lot about the Czech language, Czech history, the people and the culture…
  • I can learn grammar I didn’t know before better than I can in Korea, but it’s also quite difficult.
  • The teachers + staff are fantastic and the course materials are of very good quality. 
  • Good teachers and also a good trip; I can speak and write in Czech.
  • It was good that I could study grammar from the basics.

2. Intensive course

  • The course was excellent! I was very happy with the winter course, so I was happy that this course continued in the same spirit and in a friendly atmosphere.
  • As there are only 5 other students I could practice conversation, which was good.
  • [I liked] the open and flexible attitude. Even grammar lessons sometimes spurred a debate. This helps and encourages communication skills.
  • I liked the small class size.
  • Despite being intensive, the attitude of each instructor was open, friendly, and welcoming. Intensive courses can be quite intimidating, but not in this case.
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