Obtaining Health Insurance 

Having health insurance which covers you in the territory of the Czech Republic is a requirement to obtaining your long-term residence permit (type: other, specification: education). According to a government requirement, all foreigners must have Comprehensive Exclusive Insurance provided by VZP for the long-term visa. The proof of travel insurance must include the following information:

  • The period of insurance must cover the entire stay in the Czech Republic (at least for the duration of your time in the program).
  • The extent of the insurance (the insurance policy must cover the costs that the foreign national is obliged to cover for the period of his/her stay in the Czech Republic in the event of providing necessary and urgent health care including the costs associated with transport or, in the case of his/her death, those associated with transferring his/her physical remains to the state that issued the travel document or to another state in which he/she has a residence permit).
  • The amount of the insurance benefit (the agreed insurance benefit limit for one insurance event must be at least EUR 60 000, that being without an insurance retention on the amount of the given costs).
  • Additionally, the insurance policy and its terms and conditions must be submitted in an original copy in the Czech language, or otherwise be submitted with an official translation into Czech.

Upon request, you may be asked to provide proof of payment for the insurance policy.


All foreign students in Czech Republic are required to obtain health insurance valid in the Czech Republic for the duration of the program. This means that only VZP insurance will be accepted for the visa application. If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact the Czech Republic consulate or embassy.


The approximate cost of required Czech insurance for one semester is US $250. Please consult with the insurance company to verify the price, as it may vary according to the current rate.

Accepted Insurance Company – VZP



Website: https://www.pvzp.cz/en/

Online insurance application form: https://www.pvzp.cz/en/products/foreigners-medical-insurance/foreigners-comprehensive-medical-insurance-plus/


Please note that you will likely be responsible for paying at least a portion of each visit to a GP if you choose to go to a private clinic. At the clinic which many our enrollees use, the charge is about $45 per visit.



Once you receive your Czech health insurance, please ensure that you bring all originals of the card, contract, or printed online confirmation to the Czech Republic.



Charles University is not responsible, nor liable for any part of the visa or insurance application process. It is the student’s responsibility to find an appropriate insurance agency, and the relationship is between the insurance company and the student, not with Charles University.

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