About the Faculty of Arts and the Institute of Czech and Deaf Studies

The Institute of Czech and Deaf Studies is the university department in the Czech Republic with the longest tradition of teaching Czech to non-native speakers. It is also the only department that offers Czech language for foreigners at both Bachelor’s and the subsequent Master’s level.

Apart from ordinary students, many interns, postgraduates and students on the Czech Studies preparatory program, or other courses intended for those interested in the Czech language, Czech literature, history and culture, study at the Institute. The programs and courses are led by qualified and experienced university lecturers in the teaching of Czech for foreigners. Our lecturers have worked in universities abroad or have written textbooks for all levels of student, from beginners to the very advanced.

The Faculty of Arts has been part of Charles University from its very beginning. It is one of the first four faculties that were listed in the articles of foundation issued by Charles IV in April 1348.

Over the course of the centuries, many famous names in Czech science and culture have studied or taught at the faculty, for example:

  • University rector and religious reformer, Jan Hus,
  • The first Czechoslovak president, Tomáš Garrigue Masaryk,
  • The linguists Josef Jungmann and Jan Mukařovský.

Thanks to its almost seven-hundred-year tradition of successful scientific and pedagogic activity, and to the range of subjects available for study, the Faculty of Arts of Charles University in Prague is an indisputable authority in Czech society, as well as enjoying international renown.


The Faculty of Arts in numbers:

  • 6 483 students
  • 872 employees
  • 46 institutes and departments, including 6 specialised workplaces
  • 197 study areas
  • 1 300 foreign students
  • 570 partner universities in 48 countries
  • Teaching in more than 20 languages
  • Almost 90 book titles published annually
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