Czech Studies Programme

The Institute of Czech Studies at the Faculty of Arts, Charles University in Prague, offers courses in Czech language, literature, history and culture that are suitable for people of all interests. Whatever your reasons for wanting to study – perhaps to perfect your knowledge of Czech, or to broaden and deepen your knowledge of the Czech Republic, we are very happy to welcome you among the hundreds of students who come to the Charles University Faculty of Arts every year. Czech Studies is a rich and sophisticated program intended for non-Czech speakers interested in the Czech language, Czech literature, history and culture, and also for international slavists and students in related fields.

The Czech Studies program is a proven and effective method of preparation for those interested in the study of Czech as a foreign language, both from an employment perspective and also for those who wish to apply for subsequent specialist studies at the Bachelor’s or Master’s levels at Charles or another University. The lecturers at the Institute of Czech Studies are renowned specialists in the field of Czech for foreigners, and have rich experience teaching Czech at foreign universities. The program for the academic year contains two four-month modules, which consist of language courses, lectures, seminars and other activities that will help students to cope successfully with all the pitfalls of Czech, as well as with the key aspects of our language, culture, literature and history.

The Czech Studies program includes the Czech Language Certificate Exams with ALTE licence and preparation for them. Those exams are included in the tuition fee.

Czech Studies will make life and work easier for foreigners in the Czech Republic and will enable foreign students to study at Czech universities and colleges. Study in Czech is free of charge at state universities in the Czech Republic. In order to enroll, of course, you must submit a certificate showing your level of knowledge in the Czech language.



More detailed information is available at How to apply

Some knowledge of the Czech language is required to apply for the programme; complete beginners must demonstrate a conversational knowledge of English. The language of the program is Czech, beginners’ courses may use English in the introductory lectures.

All students must have completed secondary school education when entering the Czech Studies program. This will be proven with a certificate in English or an equivalent document translated into Czech and legally verified.

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